A trusted advisor to real estate owners and investors since 1988

WYSE and its management team have an established track record of successfully advising investors and owners, including pension trusts, corporate clients, family organizations and other principals throughout the Western United States.

Wyse Real Estate Advisors is a Portland-based real estate investment advisor that delivers comprehensive solutions to address a wide variety of real estate issues.



Property Management

WYSE is an accredited management organization (AMO®) with a proven track record of managing commercial real estate properties and creating long-term value for our clients.

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Real Estate Investments

WYSE provides acquisition services to a wide range of real property investors. Our professionals provide financial analysis, detailed market research, physical due diligence and expertise in negotiating and structuring transactions.

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Consulting and Corporate Real Estate Services

WYSE provides wide variety of services to corporate clients, from system efficiency and cost analysis to lease versus buy decision studies and more.

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